Passive Heating & Cooling

The parts of the Affordable Natural House - the insulation, the thermal mass, the ventilation channels - are designed to work together, to passively heat and cool the dwelling spaces. This means comfort with less reliance on mechanical systems powered by fuel or electricity. A bit of human help makes it possible, mainly opening and closing the windows and insulating shutters at the appropriate times.


Passive Solar Heating
Combines south-facing windows and skylights with air-core floor as the heat storage mass, calculated to work together. Heat from the sun enters the home during the day and is stored for nightime. High insulation levels, insulating shutters and high-efficiency windows minimize loss of heat.

Day: air core floor absorbs heat

Daytime Mode

Night: air core floor gives off stored heat

Nightime Mode

Passive Solar Cooling
There is no mechanical cooling (air conditioning) planned. Roof overhangs shade the windows. The over-sized roof ventilation channels keep the attic cooler, so less heat enters the home. And the insulated shutters are closed during the day, keeping out the hot air.


Day: shutters closed,thermal mass stores "cool"

Daytime Mode

Night: windows open to flush out hot air

Nightime Mode

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