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Map of the Sculpture Locations

A few of the locations and selection of pieces changed during the process. Here's a map to help you find the final sculpture locations in the Schenk-Atwood neighborhood.

Download a PDF of this map and list of sculptures to print out.

map and list showing locations of the sculptures

  1. Polar Bear Chair (in Elmside Circle Park)
  2. Muti-Tiered Pagoda (in Olbrich Park, near the neighborhood sign)
  3. Blue Dragon Urn (in the garden mext to the bike path, near the drinking fountain)
  4. Smiling Mushroom (next to the Blue Dragon Urn)
  5. Creature Abstract (in the landscaped area near the Blue Plate restaurant)
  6. Blue Tripod (in the landscaped area near the Blue Plate restaurant)
  7. White Lantern (in the Schenk's Corners landscaped area)
  8. Geometric with Round Window (in the large street island known locally as Ken's Continent, because Ken Shumacher would take care of it)
  9. Fu Dog Lantern (in Yahara Place Park, next to Orly's memorial bench)
  10. Dignified Figure with Tablet (inside Lowell Elementary School's mini-forest courtyard)
  11. Easter Island Head (outside the gate of the Lowell Elementary School's mini-forest courtyard)
  12. Tree Spirits (in the street island near Division Street)
  13. Hippopatamus (at the edge of the Wirth Court Park playground)
  14. Fantasy Seahorse (on Lakeland Avenue in front of the historic Riley House, privately owned)
  15. Diana (in the rear yard of the Riley House, privately owned)
  16. Biomorphic Form (in the rear yard of a Dunning Street home, privately owned)
  17. African-influenced Sculpture (in the rear yard of a Talmadge Street home, privately owned)
  18. Six-Sided Red Lantern (located inside the lobby of Hawthorne Branch Library, East Washington Avenue)


Sid Boyum Sculpture: Community Selection Process

Below are 6 of the photo mock-ups of Sid's sculptures, shown in their selected neighborhood locations.

The photo mockups were an important part of the community voting process for the sculpture project. First, we placed photos of all of the suitable pieces in our storefront window, with ballots and pencils outside in a weather-protected location. We asked people to vote for their favorites and to suggest locations around the neighborhood. We recieved hundreds of ballots, and an overwhelmingly positive response to the project.

Then we created the photo mockups so that neighbors could easily visualize the pieces in their final locations. This time, we placed the mockups in the storefront for voting. When we again received overwhelmingly positive consensus of opinion, we proceeded with fundraising to relocate the sculpture.

We received a Community Enhancement Grant from the City of Madison for the relocation and conservation of about a dozen of the sculptures. (website for the Community Enhancement Grant program of the City of Madison). In addition, we're creating an endowment fund for onging maintenance with donations and sales of the remaining sculptures.

Polar Bear in Elmside Park Blue Tripod near the Blue Plate restaurant Blue Urn with Dragon
Dignified Figure near the bikepath Oriental Head with Columns Layered Pyramid in Olbrich Park

Above: Some of the photo mock-ups of Sid's sculptures


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