"Grandma's House" Video

Clara Hopkins has recently become disabled and now she uses a wheelchair for mobility. Her granddaughter Beth visits and notices many small changes in Grandma's house. Talking about these changes and demonstrating Clara's ability to function independently in her remodeled home, Grandma and Beth show the viewer many features that can make a home accessible to a person with physical disablities.

The video stresses simple ideas that relate to immediate, practical problems faced by the disabled and elderly. Many of these ideas can be implemented easily and inexpensively.

This program is informative and enjoyable for a variety of audiences, in particular older adults, people with special accessibility needs and people who work with these individuals. Because of its appealing story, it is appropriate as a means of raising awareness of the need for accessibility, for emphasizing the emotional aspects surrounding independence, and stressing the importance of remaining in one's home environment.

Running time: 10 minutes