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List of Materials for the Energy House and the Experiments


Materials for the Energy House
Click to see photos of a completed Energy House.

  • "Shell" (beer bottle case) or cardboard box
  • 1" thick foam insulation board
  • Thin, clear plastic sheets for windows
  • Corrugated cardboard for roof
  • Duct tape or other type of tape
  • Broiler pan, aluminum or other kind
  • Flat black paint (non-glossy)
  • 1 lb. metal coffee can or similar
  • Corduroy or other fabric for curtains and awnings
  • Coat hanger to support awning
  • Push pins to attach window curtains
  • Tube from paper towels
  • Exacto or utility knife
  • Thermometer -- a long one with just the glass tube works best (no attached backer)

 Materials for the Painted Cup Experiment

  • 4 clear plastic drinking cups
  • Paint brush
  • 4 clear plastic lids
  • White paint
  • Flat black paint (non-glossy)
  • Thermometer

Materials for the Sun Path Model

  • Hanger wire
  • Plywood or cardboard for the base
  • Styrofoam or other lighweight ball for the sun
  • Paint
  • A little cardboard or plastic house model
  • Paper arrows to show wind direction
  • Pushpins

Above: Photo of Sun Path Model

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