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Root River House
Lanesboro, Minnesota

Tiny Homes and ADUs
Superinsulated + Tidy + Better Neighborhoods

Riverdside Sun-Tempered
Stoughton, WIsconsin
House and Orchard
Modern Rural Dwelling
One Seed Farmstead
Fitchburg, Wisconsin

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Lakeside ADU
Madison, WIsconsin
Sun & Stone thumb Sun and Stone
Madison, WIsconsin
The Chassis House
Affordable, Sustainable & Uniquely Flexible
Passive House, Local Materials
Old ideas revisited
Adam & Mary Smith
House Restoration

Historic cornerstone for new development
Affordable Green Homes in Indian Country
High Performance Natural Homes
natural house in progress The Affordable Natural House
Workshops & Sustainablity Research
Private Residence
Usonian Addition
Private Country Home
Solar Bungalow
Green Generation House
High Performance Natural Home
for Wisconsin Tribes
Craftsman Home
Cascading Rooflines
Among the Trees
Taylor House
Reused Architecture
Artistic Makeover
Artist Remakes a Home
Eclectic Home
Building in Phases
Major Addition, Tight Site
Designing for a narrow urban lot
Home Medical Office
A place to live, work, & play
Off-the-Grid Residence
A 'stand alone' home in the northwoods
Arbor House Annex
Ecological design & historic inn
Prof. Andrew Whitson
House Restoration
Careful Historic Remodeling
Private Residence
Home in a Forest
Country Cottage
Natural and Off-Grid
Straw-Clay Solar
Handmade Homestead
Affordable Green Housing Project
Community Land Trust
Family Child Care Addition
All-natural, passive solar, heavy timber
Low-Toxin Residence
Superinsulated earth-box passive solar
Private Residence
Superinsulated Prairie School
Farmhouse Addition
Timber-framed Uphill
Rural Solar
Air-Core Passive System
Natural House
Straw-clay 'Craftsman Style'
Lake Monona Home
Solar Thin Lake Home
House Makeover
Sitting terrace with a view
Country Home
Off the Grid
House on a Hill
Sun Tempered
Solar Two-Story
In a Subdivision
Private Residence
Passive Solar Modern
Natural Guest Home
Healthy Relaxation
New Third Floor Suite
Creative Code Compliance
Wraparound Porch
Big lake views
REE Project
Resource & Energy Efficiency Housing Model Design
cascading rooflines Private Residence
Hilltop Solar
Operation Fresh Start
Home in the Woods
Super efficient
Private Country Home
Personalized Comfort