An Environmental Inn: The Arbor House Annex
By Lou Host-Jablonski

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the grand stairs

interior of the John Nolen room

Above: Stairs from guest suites to the Breakfast Room
Above: A guest suite

Design for Health:
• Only extremely low-VOC (volatile organic compound- containing) adhesives and coatings were specified with no-toxin, plant-based paints for the interior
• No toxic preservatives, chemicals, construction vehicles leaking fluids, or toxic cleaning supplies were allowed on the site. No products prone to outgassing are used in the interior.
• EMF's: The circuit design and night shutoff feature at all sleeping areas (switchable by occupants) reduces human exposure to electromagnetic fields
• Floor coverings are easily cleaned. Only some natural mats specified, with wool carpet only at stairs to reduce noise.

efficient wood-fired hearth

Site | Architecture | Sustainability | Interior View

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