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Natural, Low-pollution & Low-toxin Materials & Techniques

Marlin plastering Straw-clay walls covered with earth-plaster and stucco.

Zanny with chick Earth slab floors (also known as adobe, or soil-cement floors).
Ours have air-cores for passive solar heat storage, and hydronic in-floor heating tubes.

bags of milk paint Milk paint is made with milk protein, lime, clay & earth pigments. The dry powder is mixed with water and it produces an antique look. From the Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company.

trash cans full of slip Clay slip - several hundred gallons mixed and ready for use. This is simply high clay-content earth mixed with water in a high-shear mixer. Slip is used in making the staw-clay mix and earth plaster.

bags of lime Lime is an important ingredient for the earthen plasters. We're using a product from Graymont Dolime, for it's high plasticity index.

species of sustainable wood flooring We'll be using wood trim and flooring products from sustainably-managed forests. These are samples of wood flooring species available from the Sustainable Woods Cooperative, formerly located in Southwestern Wisconsin.

underfloor plumbing No PVC is used in any of the plumbing pipes or fittings because of the environmental damage caused by the manufacture and disposal of vinyl compounds. Instead, we're using cast-iron drain/waste/vent piping, and cross-linked polyethylene supply piping.

landscaped roof

The Chicago City Hall's living roof. The roof over our Connector and Old House sections will be similar.



We used Safe Seal by AFM (American Formulating & Manufacturing) to seal the particle board on the kitchen cabinets, preventing any offgassing of formeldahyde.

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