Adaptive Reuse & Historical Restoration

Featured Recent Projects:


Geiger & Williamson
Blacksmith Shop Restoration

Award for Historic Storefront on Willy Street in Madison

Garver Feed Mill
Neighborhood Icon, a
Long-Awaited Re-making

MORE Projects:    

Mount Horeb
Schoolhouse Restoration

Community Heritage


Prof. Andrew Whitson
House Restoration
Careful Historic Remodeling

Adam & Mary Smith
House Restoration

Historic cornerstone for a new development

Wil-Mar Community Center
Multiple remodelings

the barn

Michael Fields' Barn
Teaching Bio-Dynamic Farming

First Presbyterian Church of Lodi
Historically sensitive Fellowship & classrooms

Old Spring Tavern
New Improvements for an Historic House

Arbor House Annex
Ecological design & historic inn

Artist's Studio
Studio & Gallery from a Grainery

Association of Women in Agriculture
'Prairie School' residence hall

Urban Half-block
Half-block of historically-sensitive retrofit

Avenue Cooperative Apartments
Mixed-income, intergenerational, barrier-free, adaptive reuse

Michael's Frozen Custard
Stainless steel diner

Reservoir Cooperative Apartments
Mixed-income, intergenerational, barrier-free

Creative Learning Center
Urban rooftop playground

Atwood Community Center
Childcare and barrier-free access

House Makeover
Sitting terrace with a view